String Creek Crafts is a small family craft business that focuses primarily on handcrafted brooms and forged steel.  Caryn and Karl Fisher and their two young children live in Willits, CA and started this small business in the fall of 2017.  

Caryn is a stay at home mom that loves making beautiful things with natural materials.  In 2017 Caryn took a broom making class with Bethany Ridenour, a West Coast broom maker and teacher, and soon became completely taken by the craft.  Brooms have become a major part of her life, along with homeschooling and keeping up with the day to day.  Each of Caryn's brooms are hand tied without the use of machines.  The handles are hardwoods and fruitwoods collected from the lands of Mendocino county. Each handle is dried in a solar kiln and sanded to create a comfortable handle ready for years of sweeping.

Karl graduated from Colorado College with a degree in art with a focus on sculpture.  After college Karl  apprenticed as a blacksmith with Adam Chater of ACD Metal in Crested Butte, Colorado, making custom handrails and other architectural metals.  


Karl Fisher, Owner, Blacksmith

Caryn Fisher, Owner, Broom Maker